Velvet Anatomic


Unsurpassed sleep quality from the top layer of the BeneSleep series. This mattress is characterized by anatomic behavior because of the soft fluffy surface and the relatively hard core. The dynamic support of the spine and the absolute feeling of relaxation offer comfortable and restful sleep.

Soft to Hard : 6


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  Bonnell Springs

  Double sided mattress

  Aloe Vera Treatment

  Foam Box

  Firm Afrolex

  Turning Handles

  Brearthing Holes

  Bug-Free Treatment

  Antibacterial Treatment

  Mattress Height 26cm (± 2cm)

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Bed Size

100x200cm, 160x192cm, 92x192cm, 90x200cm, 107x192cm, 120x200cm, 120x192cm, 137x192cm, 140x200cm, 153x192cm, 150x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm